Our Latest Metal House Project

Spacious Living

A stunning 115 m2 light steel metal house.

Includes 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms for convenience.

Tailored Design

Customizable to suit your preferences.

You can choose between a ground or a two-floor house.

Modern Living Experience

Stylish, functional and comfortable metal houses.

The brilliance of metal homes:

  • single or double-storey
  • thermal insulation
  • lightweight steel structure
  • smart spaces

Our lightweight steel metal houses match the durability of houses built with traditional methods, making them ideal for permanent living. Our metal houses have all the comforts of a home, redefining modern living without compromise.

Why choose a metal house?

Customizable design


Cost-effective solution


Efficient Construction
by NS Metal Houses Ltd

The new technology of our NS Metal Houses Ltd with a light metal structure revolutionizes the construction of classic houses with masonry and improves the technology of such insulated houses. We offer metal houses with a galvanized steel sheet framing structure, designed and delivered in a very simple and efficient modular system.

This construction method reduces the price by at least 25% and the construction time by 50% compared to traditional methods. We design, assemble, and deliver metal houses within 4-6 months accordingly.

We develop metal house technologies, adapted to the most difficult thermal, seismic and humidity conditions.

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